Featured Artist: Kathryn Blackmore

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We guess we’re just in an illustrative mood lately…and are digging the feminine and flirty illustrations of artist Kathryn Blackmore. There are plenty of artists drawing the female form as it applies to the fashion world, but these seem extra artistic for some reason. Like we’d actually like to have some of these illustrations up on our wall. We like how some of the pieces have a background of graph paper, and particularly like the illustrations that are collages that she fills with importantly placed jewels. The colors are fun and bold and bright, and the compositions are both quite full and with a lot of negative space. We think these would look cool in a modern space where you wouldn’t be expecting fashion-related illustrations. These are the kind of pieces you incorporate when you want to thrust a little dichotomy into your space. And those we are paying special attention to her illustrations, she’s got all kinds of cool stuff on her site, including photography. More here.

Would you hang these as art, or are these more for the pages of a magazine? Let us know!

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