Featured Artist: Joshua Abelow

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It’s hard to find folk art these days. With the permeation of culture to almost every corner of the world, you hardly meet anyone who’s able to create art from a truly innocent position anymore. Joshua Abelow isn’t innocent (some of his art is actually a tad vulgar to some sensibilities) but there’s something folksy about his sketches, paintings and other art pieces. Something stripped down and emotional. Like someone who isn’t afraid to say what he means, and what he means is pretty simple but still powerful. Out of all of his work, though, we’re actually drawn to his abstraction pieces, which are geometric paintings that are textural and feature really earthy color palettes. Again, it’s something simple, but it’s in the simplicity that makes it layered and complex and something that might look cool in a modern home. More here.

What do you think? What are your favorite pieces of his?

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