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Being that we’re such huge fans of photography here, it might not surprise you to know we’re pretty big fans of photo-realistic paintings, too. We think we like the split second illusion of not being sure if what you’re looking at is a photograph or a painting. Christopher Stott is good at that. Photo-realistic painting, that is. His work depicts simple, tight shots of everyday objects in a sort of still life, often with varied color palettes that bounce between soft, natural neutrals and pops of bold colors.

We caught notice of him because we couldn’t help but notice all the retro and Mid-Century Modern subject matter peeking out of his paintings. In a few, old rotary-style phones in bright colors take up a huge part of the composition and take center stage. In others, old, vintage fans are painted from different angles. Yet another features an old camera, and another several different table clocks. You know how much we love the mundane shown in photography, we’re loving it a lot in painting, too! These would look stellar in modern homes without a lot of accessories.

What do you think?!

Images: Christopher Stott
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