Fast and Functional DIY: Cool Magnets

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We guess we’re on a bit of a quick and fast DIY project kick this week, focusing on projects you can do, well, quick and fast (our earlier this week post of putting some white on things caused quite a stir). While long and drawn out ones certainly have their place, sometimes you’re just in the mood to do something quick so you can boost your confidence. Or maybe sometimes you just want to do something quick because you know, who has the time for weekend projects anyway?

So these are magnets. Almost everyone needs magnets. Even if you for some reason don’t have a refrigerator or don’t want to use your fridge for displaying things like photos of kids with bowls of spaghetti on their heads or electricity bills, you probably have something metal in your home that you can use to put these distressingly-simple-to-make magnets on. In fact, these are so simple, there aren’t any instructions, just this photo we found. That’s okay though, because we can suss out the steps for you: grab and paint some Popsicle sticks. Glue magnets to the back. You now have magnets. 

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