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DIY: Moss Graffiti

Categories: DIY + How To

Public art is such a refreshing breath of air. It enlivens the senses. It’s for everyone. It’s enjoyable to sit back or stand back and view art standing next to folks from every walk of life. But commissioned art isn’t the only art that can be public. There’s a realm of art that is only for the brave, for the bold. It’s guerrilla art, and we’ve found the perfect first art project for any budding art revolutionaries out there.

It’s DIY Moss graffiti, and you just won’t believe how easy it is to make something living, in text, on a wall. You literally only need three ingredients, a blender and then a really good phrase you’re going to want to plaster with living green things on to a surface. This would be such a fun thing to do to the side of your house…or your fence. Or you could get a little bit bolder and do it in a public space. (Try not to be vulgar or mean, though, would you?) Spotted on Crafting a Green World. We’re totally in love.

Images: Crafting a Green World via Becky Striepe

4 Comments to "DIY: Moss Graffiti"

  1. Awesome idea. Such neat application opportunities.

  2. so cool! I want to see this in ny

  3. Cool! what are the “living green things”?

    • Follow the link! I believe you throw moss, water and some yeast into a blender and can make a mixture that you can paint on to the wall that will turn into DIY moss graffiti!

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