DIY Décor We Don’t Hate: Pumpkin Tree

DIY + How To

Halloween is closer, have you set up your spooky modern home? As always, we’re on the cool hunt when it comes to holiday decor that we think will also look good in a home that has very specific modern design aesthetics, and we think this cool Halloween pumpkin tree project could totally fit in next to any Eames chairs or streamlined Mid-Century Modern credenzas.

You’ll need a shelf, some pumpkins of various sizes and some black paint…that’s it! We’re loving that we found this project in Country Living. They may not be known as the leaders of modern decor, but they’ve really hit the nail on the head with this simple-to-do project. We love that it doesn’t even require touching pumpkin guts. You can find all the instructions here…but we think you’ll see how easy this is. Fun for kids, too, we bet!

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