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Now before you go dismissing this DIY project because it’s a bean bag, let us quell your fears: having things for people to sit on the floor, even in a modern house, is totally a good idea. Whether you have kids or not is irrelevant. Sometimes you have a party and don’t have enough chairs for folks, or sometimes you host a board game night or movie night at your house. Throw pillows work. Floor cushions are better. But bean bags? Guests just wouldn’t expect it, and that’s what makes this a perfect modern project!

And of course, because this is DIY, you have complete customization. In other words, you can make this as cool or as crafty as you want it. You pick the fabric. You pick the size. Depending on how talented you are with manipulating patterns and sewing, you could even potentially pick the shape. How rad is that? This is definitely a project for those totally comfortable with sewing machines, scissors, needles, fabric and all those other things needed to make things out of fabric, but if you’ve got even just a little skill and floor space, this could be for you! Spotted on So You Think You’re Crafty.

Confess! Would you ever consider having some modern, DIY bean bags in your modern home?!

Images: Missy via So You Think You’re Crafty
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  1. Brian GadgetSponge

    Oct 11, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    I hope the beanbag makes a huge comeback. I miss them. Viva la Beanbag!!!

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