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Cocoro Playhouse System by Norio Kids

Categories: Kids + Baby

Remember how fun it was playing building blocks and spending hours to build your own creation as a child? Didn’t you wish you could shrink down and go into your creation? Remember playing under a table, hiding in a closet or playing with a large and empty cardboard box for weeks instead of playing with your expensive toys?


Most of us almost forgot about how fun & exciting these moments were, that is why Norio Kids created the Cocoro – Playhouse System.

How to build Cocoro - playhouse system

Cocoro is a truly unique and original design concept which uses a patent pending interlocking system to allow children to freely create their own designs and formations. Thay also created the miniature version for children to play & plan in advance, then build it on a larger scale. This serves as a planning method.

Customize your own cocoro playhouse

Norio Kids uses sturdy, double-wall, corrugated cardboard. Cocoro uses SFI certified fiberboard and is 100% recyclable. All adhesive and ink used are water based and nontoxic. So, it is safe for the children and better for the environment. Cocoro playhouse is designed, developed and manufactured right here in USA. Cocoro playhouse system is available by pre-order through kickstarter.

Cocoro playhouse system - Create your own world

Norio Kids: http://www.noriokids.com
Pre-order at Kickstarter: http://kck.st/nhFA1K

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2 Comments to "Cocoro Playhouse System by Norio Kids"

  1. I still remember how fun it was too! Design it. Build it. Make it a reality. They can create their own world…!!

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