Can’t Go Wrong Gift: Cutting Boards

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As the holidays near, we want to help take out some of the stress by giving you a series of posts that feature one or more of what we’d like to call “Can’t Go Wrong Gifts.” These are the sorts of things you could buy a few of to give to folks who you maybe forgot, who you just don’t know what to get for or you know for a mother-in-law or something. Being the nature of our site, you can pretty much guarantee they will be gifts we also find to either be modern and wonderful, or the sort of thing that would look good in a modern home. Today’s gift feature happens to be something that goes in just about anybody’s home.

Cutting boards! Shaped like states or pigs or other funny things. Even if you don’t do a lot of cutting, you can display cheeses on them when guests come over and hang these up on your wall so it looks like you’re really clever. Or whoever you’re buying this for. Made by the industrious folks over at WoodBob, we like what they’re up to. Pretty good prices, too! More here.

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