Abstract or Obtuse: Sally King Benedict

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Loving the colorful, innocent abstracts of artist Sally King Benedict today. With winter inching ever so closer, it might feel natural to start leaning toward darker, more dramatic colors, but Sally’s work proves there’s still plenty of room for bright, summer-y, optimistic colors in a modern interior.

Her work doesn’t have a lot of depth to it, but that’s okay, because that gives a lot of casualness to her paintings. There’s no really deeper meaning to “get”; what you’re seeing is what you’re getting, you know? There’s definitely a lot of movement in her pieces, and she takes a heavy-handed approach with paint, often having large swaths of color that dominate the composition. We could keep talking art gobbledygook but really? We just like the way these paintings feel. More here.

How does this art make you feel? We really want to know. 

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