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Daily Archives: October 10, 2011

Featured Artist: Paper Donut

Categories: Art + Graphics
Featured Artist: Paper Donut

Modern art is…blowing minds and perceptions and perspectives! Check out the work of the French art collective Paper Donut. They teamed up with a fashion store called Sqwear for an ad campaign to create a pretty trendy geometric image (as well as did one on their own). The catch? None — Continue reading

Live Modern: Airstream House

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
Live Modern: Airstream House

While we explore a number of different types and ideas of modern architecture, let’s get back to a nice classic example, shall we? You look at this home, known as the Airstream House, and you just totally think modern. It’s got sleek lines and a narrow footprint that makes it — Continue reading

Emerging Designer Spotlight: Gessica Brooke

Categories: Exclusive Interviews, Fashion + Trends
light denim trap

Cutting out a career in the fashion industry has become something of a war these days. With the economy tanking and online sales cannibalizing traditional retail, the high heel has snapped off of the once reliable business model of selling fashion. In order to make it in today’s fashion environment, — Continue reading

How-to: Make Wood and String Art

Categories: DIY + How To
How-to: Make Wood and String Art

Always on the hunt for affordable, DIY art that you’d actually want to put in your modern home, we found this project by Elisa Blaha (who you might remember from her DIY: Pinwheel Painting we posted not too long ago). As we’ve stated many times, a DIY project’s no good — Continue reading