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Modern Decor

We’re such suckers for some sensuous curves in wood, and the portfolio if White Design is full of our kind of furniture eye candy. Just using simple wood, with a minimally-colored stain, these designs are simple and curvy and soft and nice. They have details in how joints meet other joints and how a certain plane slopes to meet a human body or object. They’ve got a slight retro-feel to them, especially seen in the shape of some of the side tables, but also they have just a really earthy, comfortable-feel to them, too. Some of Scott, the designer’s, philosophies:

“Does this space have meaning to you? Do you feel at ease there? My designs are intended to be of service. To elevate the banal. They are meant to enable your life and enhance your living space for a peaceful existence. With an external world that can seem amiss, I find solace in returning to a space that is comfortable, tidy and calm. It helps me breathe a little easier to know what I am returning to, even when I am not physically occupying that space.” More here.

Images: White Design
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