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Simple DIY: Dipped Legs

Categories: DIY + How To

A lot of times when we bring attention to a designer creating what we consider to be modern work, we notice that it’s not anything terribly complicated that makes it a modern piece of furniture; sometimes it’s just an unexpected detail. Maybe it’s a tiny little punch of color that surprises. We can’t believe we’ve never thought of this before, but we were floored when we spotted this image of some regular-looking chairs, with their legs dipped in paint. This is one simple move, something that could no doubt be done very easily by anyone of any skill level. Think about how neat this would be to revamp some old chairs that you don’t love anymore. Instead of trying to refinish them or paint them all over, you could just dip their legs into a bright, bold paint color — what an interesting detail that would be! And of course it wouldn’t  just have to be chairs you could do…what about the legs to a simple credenza, or perhaps a coffee table? We’ve seen dip-dyed baskets and other accessories before, but this is the first time we’ve spotted this idea–and we’re in love! Unfortunately all we found for this idea was this uncredited photo, so a)if anyone knows who took this photo, let us know! and b) if anyone has any ideas on how you could actually do this effectively, share them!

4 Comments to "Simple DIY: Dipped Legs"

  1. Love it! I’ve seen these pics floating around blogland and I kinda want to try it…maybe instead of trying to dip it you could just tape off the legs and brush/spray paint on?

    • Yeah I was wondering about the brush/spray paint method…but I think a part of what makes me love the pop of color so much is how thick it is, too. Does that make sense? Like I like the idea of a thick band of color.

      • If you like the thick look, what about using Plasti Dip, or something of that sort, like you use for the handles of tools. Might not be that great for chairs though, since it would most likely keep them from sliding very easily.

      • Oohh good idea! Love it!

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