Modern Etsy: Urban + Forest

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You know how much we’ve been loving the hints of nature we’ve been seeing pop up in exterior and interior spaces now that fall is on its way and people are trending towards more natural elements. This modern Etsy store is rocking the nature aspect and has some pretty affordable accessories that would bring some nature into any modern home. Using stunningly repurposed and reclaimed white birch wood, they’re making candle holders, table lamps, coasters and even wall decor. We like how monochromatic, neutral and subtle the colors of the white birch are; they’re perfect for folks who shy away from darker hues of wood in their space. And leaving the bark on these simple shapes gives each piece a really great textural feel. And prices are pretty darn reasonable! You can see more work on their Etsy store or on their website.

What do you think about these natural accessories? Would they fit the style of your modern home?


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