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Are you a knick knack-y kind of person? For someone who is, choosing accessories for the home is as easy as choosing things you really like and incorporating them into your decor. But for folks who don’t like knick knacks (as we suspect many modern and minimalist folks are), sometimes finding just the right item to light up a table top or adorn a shelf can be a tough job. That’s why when we come across something unique or simple enough that we think it will fit into a modern home’s look, we just have to share. Like the wares in this Etsy store ARTISANIEeurope. We love the earthen, modern, organic, simple architectural and building shape blocks we found in this store. Their soft colors means they won’t grab too much attention, and would look superb in really light or monochromatic spaces. They’re just a hint of folksy, a little darling, but simple enough to be sophisticated. We also really liked the antler mobile we spotted, though it’s a bit pricey for our blood. More here.

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