Live Modern: Mikel Irastorza

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This Spanish designer whose apartment is in San Sebastián, Spain sure knows how to mix styles and create a powerfully decorated space that overtakes the senses. Crisp, clean white walls set the stage for a sleek, stark home that is punctuated with really contemporary modern pieces and fleshed out by great art and vintage furniture pieces, too. Everything just seems to stand out and pop in this space. It takes real skill to be able to mix and match the eclectic styles you see in this space, like the dining table which is traditional with some really Mid-Century Modern chairs. Or the art, which ranges from classic black and white photographs to ornate, traditional sculptures to really modern, abstract art. Though some of the pieces in this space probably cost more than some people’s homes, there’ s still a real casual air to the space, and you can tell that someone lives here and it’s not just all for show. There’s also a real element of luxury in the space, as well, as evidenced by that gorgeous fur comforter in the master bedroom. As spotted on Houzz.

Images: Mikel Irastorza
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