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Live Modern: Graham Residence

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

We think we have such an obsession with modern residential architecture set deeply into dramatic landscaping because the contrast is so strong. You expect to see sleek lines and fun angles in urban settings, but when it’s next to blue skies, emerald green plants and organic shapes it takes awhile for your mind to make sense of things. In that short span of time while your brain is trying to puzzle out what it’s looking for, your body builds up the excitement of what it’s seeing. All in all it makes for an invigorating treat for the senses, this viewing of modern architecture in strange lands. Of course, it also makes everything you view in the interior of the space even more vibrant and arresting when it’s viewed in the context of amazing views. All this is to say we really love the Graham Residence located in the Yucca Valley in the United States. It was designed by o2 Architecture.

What do you think about this modern, small home nestled so lovely in all those rocks in the Yucca Valley?

Images: Architizer

One Comment to "Live Modern: Graham Residence"

  1. great residence :D :X i like it very veeeeery much!!

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