Live Modern: Coulter House Remodel

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Loving this remodel of Mid-Century Modern home that was previously dilapidated and falling apart and turned into a modern home that has lines that respected its past but are fresh enough to carry it into the future! Called the Coulter House and done by the firm by SINGLE speed DESIGN. Though the redesign of the home definitely brightened it up and modernized it in terms of aesthetics, there are also a lot of great eco-design ideas that makes this a worthy modern home to mention. From the website Plastolux:

“Passive solar techniques: A roof overhang blocks high summer sun while allowing low winter sun keeping the thermally massive floor cool in the summer and hot in the winter. The double height space stack ventilates the house bringing cool air from below and releasing hot air through upper level clerestory windows. The passive cooling techinique eliminates the need for air conditioning.” More about their techniques here.

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