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Live Modern: Barndominium

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

For those of you who guessed we first found interest in this home because the name of it is an awesome, awesome pun, well, congrats. You know us very well. But, if you’ve been checking out the blog lately, you know we’re also powerless when it comes to any barn/rustic/modern mashups (architecturally). Bam! This one in solid gold. That exterior alone is worthy of a mention. We love how tall and vertical the structure is, emphasized by the material cladding, wood, used on the outside. We like that instead of just an overhead overhang, the structure’s outline keeps going to offer up some sun and rain protection on the small porches at the back and front of the building. This is actually a live and work space, and the structure is apparently divided into such areas. The views out of the modern cutouts for windows are pretty killer, and the interior aesthetics seem to be kept pretty simple. We like the interplay between rustic materials like that hardwood floor and the modern materials like those beautiful glass tiles in the sleek bathroom. More barns! All the time! Designed by LOJO.

Are we totally showing off too many barns? Not enough barns? Is there going to be a pandemonium over all these barns?! (See what we did there?)

Images: Architizer

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