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Harry Bertoia. George Nakashima. Jens Risom. Marcel Breuer. Florence Knoll. The names of the designers who shaped the very idea of modernism. Whose designs are so classic, so jaw-dropping, so powerful that they still command a space whenever they’re in a room. We don’t have to spend paragraphs talking about how amazing Knoll is. If you even think you like modern design, you know what an important role Knoll has played in not just sparking the movement, but being modernism’s steward into now and beyond. Well folks, you can get Knoll pieces through 2Modern now.

Let us say that again: KNOLL IS ON 2MODERN!

Classic furniture pieces like Harry Bertoia Side Chair, George Nakashima Straight Chair, Warren Platner Side Table, Jens Risom Round Dining Table, Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair, Florence Knoll Lounge Chair and more are all now available through our site, and we’d be awfully honored if you bought one of these amazing purchases for your home through us.

And you know what we’ll do for you, in honor of this awesome news? Why, give you a sale, of course! From today, September 23rd to October 2nd you can get 15% off AND free shipping.

What the heck are you waiting for! Shop Knoll on 2Modern today!

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  1. Cindy Watson Design

    Sep 23, 2011 at 9:34 am

    Yeah! I LOOOOVE Knoll!!!! I LOOVE 2Modern!

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