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We were visiting a favorite blog of ours, Bloesem, when we spotted a home’s interior that was simple, modern, clean, interesting, warm and more than that: accessible. The sort of home that anyone could design, not just those who have a ton of money for a brand new, huge modern home. Because there’s a simple fact of life out there: not everyone who has uber modern tastes has the means to live in a super designed modern home. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t modernize the home you live in, or create a home that you’re proud of. The home featured on Bloesem is of Stacey from the website Pancake and Friends. We like the gray, warm color palette. We like the masculine yet comfortable furniture. We like the art choices. We like the functionality of the space. We like the thoughtful and surprising pops of color throughout the rooms. We like how it just feels comfortable; that you could relax in the space. More here.

What do you like about this space? Do you have really modern tastes but live in a house or an apartment with less-than modern architecture? Tell us how your cope.

Images: Stacey
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