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Interiors: Tiny Danish Cottage

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

What’s up with us and tiny little cottages lately? All we know is that modern never looks so good as when it’s applied to spaces that could really use it, like tiny spaces that need smart and efficient space design. This tiny little Scandinavian cottage is the perfect example. From the outside it looks like an old, traditional cottage in some wonderfully far off land, but on the inside, it’s all modern. White washes the interior on the walls and floors and becomes the perfect backdrop for a medley of beautiful wood tones on cabinetry and furniture. Pops of color show up in simple accessories or textiles. Furniture is sleek, Scandinavian, too, and a perfect complement to the space. Fun details like vintage signage or neon signs create an atmosphere that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And though it’s not exactly something you can replicate unless you’ve already go it, those steeply vaulted ceilings make us melt every time! By the uber talented KML Design. Lots more photos here.

Images: Stuart McIntyre

2 Comments to "Interiors: Tiny Danish Cottage"

  1. Having the whole space painted white really opens it up with those big skylights. The touches of color and design add some personality without crowding the room. I think the desk under the skylight is a great idea!

  2. Such a lovely cottage. I love modernised cottages, they can be just as cosy and welcoming as traditional styles.

    The windows are a great shape and really make the most of the light.

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