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Interiors: Chic or OSB Overload?

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Because I am also a contributor at Apartment Therapy, I sometimes get to photograph really, really cool homes in and around Austin. They often have varied styles, with hints of modern and other tastes. Yesterday I published a house tour of a local restauranteur whose home really sent commenters into a tizzy, and I just couldn’t stop myself from asking your opinion. Filled with a bold, dramatic color scheme, it’s the walls made of OSB, or oriented strand board, that have made lovers or enemies out of this house tour. Some love how woodsy, masculine and interesting it is, other hate it and think it looks unfinished. We know what we think about this house and all its OSB, but what do you think? You can see other photos here.

Is this house modern, cool and a good use of recycled materials? Or does it seem unfinished to you?

Images: Adrienne Breaux via Apartment Therapy

4 Comments to "Interiors: Chic or OSB Overload?"

  1. You know for me to post 9 images of one space means I’m seriously into what’s going on there.
    This place is a tremendous departure from what I see from day to day reviewing design blogs to bring the best of masculine design to you, and I couldn’t be happier (it’s even located right here in Austin; what could be better?).

    As for the OSB debate, I’m of the opinion that the use of OSB for walls is part of what makes this place stand out from the crowd. In a good way, to my thinking. In some photos you can see it’s used for a variety of furnishings as well–from a coffee table to bar stools–and that’s where I think it’s gone over the line. I prefer to think the owner/architect will replace those items with other pieces down the line.

    A couple of my favorite features: that kitchen is amazing; the mixture of elements in the dining space rocks; that black painted bedroom–wow; lighting and marble in the bathroom; and that awesome open walk-in dressing space!

    • Hey! I see you on our Twitter stream all the time! Thank you so much for this awesome, awesome comment. So thoughtful and I love that you had an opportunity to weigh in! Really, really appreciate how often you read the blog!

  2. Painted, the OSB is ok, but natural, sorry – it doesn’t work. If you’re building a treehouse maybe…..

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