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With the fall weather almost here, we’ve been fussing around our home for days, rearranging things, thinking about new additions we’d like to incorporate, wondering if we should try out new color palettes. We’ve got a lot of ideas already, but they were kind of all pushed aside when we came across the awesome interior architecture and design of Bestor Architecture. It seems like it’s no coincidence that the word “Best” is in their name; we’re loving these subtly eclectic mixes of modern and traditional to create really warm, homey spaces you just want to hang out in. They seem to have some supernatural skills with wood; the material is showing up in nearly every space and is simultaneously stealing the show and blending in nicely with the rest of the decor. They’ve got a good eye for angles, too, angles that help define spaces. And we love all the hot, warm colors we see popping up in the spaces. Youthful and fun! More here.

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