DIY: Modern Fire Pit

DIY + How To

Over here in Texas, it’s hard to imagine the weather ever, ever being cool enough to want to be next to fire again. BUT, we do know that the temperatures will at some point have to start dropping, and it might be fun to gather with friends outside around a fire pit. A MODERN fire pit. We found a project for a modern fire pit at that website we found the fauxdenza at earlier this week: The Brick House. This looks a little more complicated than the fauxdenza, but we bet with a little moxie and some power tools it could be done. Okay maybe a little skills. The point is they give instructions and provide photos. We think it’s a step up above just stacking up some cement blocks or placing rocks in a circle, and a great addition to an outdoor space. More here.

Images: Morgan Satterfield
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