How to: Hanging Mason Jar Lights

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The changing of the seasons means a lot of different things to each of us, and often smelling new fall scents in the air and seeing the landscape change makes each person think of elements that remind them of fall. For some reason, along with apples and leaves and pumpkins, we’re feeling lights in mason jars. You could do the simple trend of just putting some tea lights in some mason jars for a lovely nighttime table setting or you could make a nice hanging pendant of mason jars! One of our favorite DIY projects we ever saw for this idea was on Design*Sponge.

This project is actually not too very difficult. They show you how to do each step to create the light fixture yourself, like punching holes in the jars, as well as providing a full supplies list that you can pick up at local hardware store. Unless you’re a trained electrician, you’ll probably want to hire someone to install it, but you should have no problem finding someone locally to do it. And if you don’t want to make it yourself but love the look, you could always buy it premade. The DIY project here.

Images: Design*Sponge and Etsy
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