How-to: Design a Monochromatic Room

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Why would would anyone want to limit themselves to only one color, you ask? Well, for many, keeping things simple with one color can really add a lot of comfort and relaxation to a space, as well as come out really sophisticated. It’s a treasured secret among modern design lovers because monochromatic rooms — whatever their style — tend to come out pretty modern looking.

Monochromatic doesn’t mean all the same hue, though. That’s where skills come in when it comes to wanting to incorporate monochromatic color palettes. You use one color, like gray, but you take the whole spectrum of grays to play with. Light, smokey grays mingle with heather grays play with charcoal grays flirt with almost-black grays. To use a bolder color, like red or blue or green or orange or purple means to come out with a bolder space, of course. We found some great tips in a post we saw on the site Home Design Find. They have a list of three, simple, incorporate-today ideas for those looking to go monochromatic.

One is like what we mentioned earlier, choosing just one color but a lot of hues and variations. Another is incorporating a lot of texture. And the last is a bit of a cheat, but definitely an eye opener: bringing in a pop of another color in your monochromatic space! You can read more of their tips and see some great examples of spaces here.

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  1. Cheryl Ewing

    Oct 4, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    Wow! That is interesting. Being in the real estate business, this bit of info helps out alot in helping my clients with their home.

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