Good Product Design Asks “What if?”

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Traditional thinking and design ‘rules’ say this product isn’t possible…good product design asks “what if?”

If a product challenges us as a user, does that make it more appealing? I believe so. Iconic products challenge us elegantly, and we enjoy the experience.

If the experience is not elegant, but instead compromised and clunky, then perhaps it is not “good product design”.

The absolute attention to detail in this little yellow baby product …the fact that this shape is so difficult to make, yet it has been made elegantly …makes this multi-award winning product sell over 100,000 in its first year.

This delightful product is robustly functional, and moreishly tactile. Its juicy, it’s easy to use and it’s made beautifully.

You do need to ask “what if?”

More information here.

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