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Another photographer? In one week? Yep. Only this time, no painfully cute animals and pup faces, but still as lovely. You know our love of photography that has the subject matter of seemingly mundane situations. There’s something so direct about a photo that’s not trying to cram as much as possible in a frame as they can. Seth Smoot’s photography, which definitely shows up in plenty of publications like AOL, Dazed & Confused, Esquire, Elle Décor UK, CITY Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Anthology and Manhattan Magazine, has a real grasp of perspective and composition, leading to photos that are not only compelling and persuasive, but also simple and powerful. Definitely not choosing to over contrast the colors, the palettes are subtle and subdued, giving a relaxing feeling. You can check out lots more photos on his portfolio.

What do you think about Seth Smoot’s photography? Would you have a print or two on your wall of some of his mundane-subject matter photos?

Images: Seth Smoot
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