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As much as we love technology and all the conveniences and wonders it has brought our life (in nearly every area of our life) we can’t help but feel a little sad when we think about how there has been a lot of encroachment on nature by technology and the humans that wield it. While there are still plenty of wonders left in the world, it’s also not weird to go hiking and be able to talk on your cell phone or be somewhere you think is remote and see a fast food wrapper on the ground. Which is why we think the photography of Kenny Trice is really resonating with us. From his website about his series “Inorganic Circumstance”:

“This series is a representation of the fusion of two forces, that while existing separately, can eventually come together in a symbiotic way. These forces being the gradual evolution of the natural world contrasted with constant of advancement of technology.” Cool. More here.

What do you think about this work?

Images: Kenny Trice
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