Featured Artist: Jaakko Mattila

Art & Design

We’re really feeling the work of Jaakko Mattila, and artist from Finland. It’s hard to describe his work, mainly because it varies so wildly with each medium he uses. On canvas, psychadelic, geometric patterns play with eye and with a rainbow of colors. His work with paint on wood boards are dark and ominous, with swirling paints creating dramatic abstract landscapes. It’s his work on paper that we’re loving so much today.

Mixing simple geometric shapes like circles in a variety of rainbow colors, there’s also a strangely organic feeling that comes in with some color drips. Done in watercolor, colors are faint and soft and gentle, but somehow at the same time bold and rich. These are definitely simple pattern compositions, but are very rich and interesting. We think they’d look amazing in a modern home. More here.

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