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Wow wow wow. We love when we find art that has two of our most favorite intersecting interests: architecture and art! These illustrations by Atelier Olschinsky, which is Peter Olschinsky and Verena Weiss, are so stunning. Truly so futuristic and modern, they’re complicated and intricate and engaging. They pull you into the composition, and you find yourself exploring the pieces as if you were exploring a new city’s streets. We suppose it’s apt, then, that this series of 2011 is called “Cities 2.” From their website:

“Founded in 2002 is a small creative studio based in Vienna, Austria. Peter Olschinsky and Verena Weiss are operating in various fields such as graphic design, illustration, photography and art direction. In addition to their jobs for clients they also run several independent projects, always trying to develop and refine their work.” Cities 2 is just one of the amazing series of art and illustrations that have come out of this creative studio; “Structures” is also pretty stunning, as well as a number of other series. Check them all out here.

What do you think of these intricate illustrations? Cool or too complicated?

Images: Atelier Olschinsky website
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