DIY: Yet More Paint Chip Art

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You didn’t think we were done extolling the virtues and flexibility of the medium known as “paint chip” in the DIY art sphere, did you? You must understand that we simply can’t help it. In the DIY world, there’s a sort of holy grail–a triumvirate of characteristics that take a DIY project from “oh, neat” to “ZOMG I have to do this now!” Those characteristics are: 1)almost anyone can do it, 2) costs virtually nothing 3) makes your house look and feel like the super hip person you secretly wish/hope you are.

This one’s got it all, baby! As spotted on the illustrious and never-steer-you-wrong Apartment Therapy, this might be the DIY paint chip art project to end all paint chip art projects (but no that doesn’t mean we won’t post about any more cool ones that come our way.) And, the best part is it doesn’t include cutting shapes out, glue or anything else that seems like a good idea until your living room is filled with tiny pieces of paint chips glued to your furnishings. Good going Apartment Therapy. This is actually something we could see us incorporating. And totally customizable for any surface, style or tastes! More here.

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