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DIY: Wool Blanket Curtain

Categories: DIY + How To

Windows. Ugh. Does anyone ever know what to do with these things? Leave them alone and it looks like your room is unfinished. Do too much and the whole room looks overdone. Sure they have lots of modern solutions like shades and rollers, but they can be expensive and have to be custom ordered usually. Readymade has the solution! We’re loving this warm, modern, masculine yet gender-neutral window covering option that involves a wool blanket. We just can’t believe what a fun and simple solution this is. Readymade has plenty of well-written steps to help you through this project. And though they’ve chosen a modern, clean gray wool blanket, we imagine this project could be completed with any color or pattern blanket, or fabric even! More here.

4 Comments to "DIY: Wool Blanket Curtain"

  1. That is how you use a plaid.

  2. Can you please link to the actual instructions not the BHG website? Can’t find them.

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