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Sometimes you just need a dynamic, show-stopping, large proportionally and crazy-cool piece for your home that will really set the tone and make people notice your space! It could be a fabulous piece of furniture or a large-scale piece of art or it could be a really awesome light fixture. 2Modern certainly carries plenty of light fixtures that would fit this bill (2Modern modern lighting), but if you can’t quite find what you like or you just don’t have the budget for a brand new fixture this might be the DIY project for you. Spotted on Homme Maker (such a clever title), this DIY orb chandelier is bold, dramatic and doesn’t even look difficult to do! Requiring few materials, just some wire, a bulb and a few tools, this project can be customized for your space. In other words, you can make the orb has big or as small as you’d like. Or have multiple orbs! Or spray paint them a cool modern color! Depending on how your electrical set-up is already, you might require an electrician to help you put the finishing touches and hang the piece, but that shouldn’t be too expensive. And when you’re done you’ll have a totally tubular showstopping piece for your home that will command a room and show guests that you aren’t afraid to try anything. Instructions, more photos and a materials list here.

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Images: Orlando Soria
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