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Part of the criteria of what we look for as a potential 2Modern-endorsed DIY, how-to project is of course aesthetics. Will it look good in a modern home? Will it uphold the kind of high-quality that many modern design lovers look for? Will it allow for customization so that a modern design enthusiast can put their stamp of personality on it? But also, we look for projects that you know, are doable by a wide range of people. And, since many people don’t have a ton of time in their life, we look for projects that don’t take a lot of time to complete. The Pinwheel Painting project found on Elise Blaha’s site is perfect.

Elise herself admits that this project found inspiration from similar art pieces she spotted on Pinterest and Oh Joy, and Elise worked out a project that works for her. It’s deliriously easy. Just grab a canvas of some sort (she grabbed some wood ones from a website called Blick) and then mark the center with a pencil. From there it’s just taping off some triangles, picking paint colors and deciding how you want it to look! The number of triangles you choose to go for will determine the feel of the piece. Lots of them and it will feel really busy and energetic; just a few and you’ll get a more relaxing, casual feeling. The colors will play a big part in that, too, and because you’ll be doing this yourself you can choose whatever color palette that works for you. Finally, you can make this as big as you’d like (giant size, even) or you could do a ton of little ones for a dynamic composition. Better instructions on her blog.

What a fun project! What do you think? How would you reinterpret this project for your own home? 

Images: Elise Blaha 
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