DIY: Bookshelf Fold-Out Desk

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We were a little dubious at first glance of this how-to project. Turn ANY bookshelf into a fold-out desk? Really? We should know that Apartment Therapy’s Unplggd would never let us down. This project is exactly what it claims to be. Take any a bookshelf (old or new), add a door and then add a fold-out shelf that could become a small desk. Perfect for tiny spaces, yes, but it’s also perfect for modern homes that don’t want their stream-lined aesthetic sullied by workspace clutter. And because it’s adaptable to just about any type of bookshelf, you could find a bookshelf that fit your style, whatever it was, and do her up good. (Of course, some sort of material you can drill into/attach things to would probably be the best choice. Like a bookshelf made out of diamonds might not be a good option for this project.) But, though this certainly takes a few skills to complete, Unplggd graciously offers up a video on how to do some of the elements in this project idea. Check it out!

Image: This Old House via Apartment Therapy
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