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Hunting natural colors in the middle of the South American jungles must be the most adventurous way to build your palette for the coming season!! Even this is an old project done by the team of the fashion designer Issey Miyake, their approach to select colors is still so refreshing and innovative. For 2009 spring/summer selection, the creative team of Miyake traveled to South America. They tested trees, bushes, barks, leaves and mud of the forest to find the palette of the jungle.


At the end of their expedition, they found quiet, muted, faint and soft tones as opposed to their expectations, a  bold and brash palette. Among these hues, they have selected eight colors and used them in warp and weft yarns randomly to create striped garments expressing the color of life in the wild.

Issey Miyake 

source : cooperhewitt





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  1. andria ryan

    Sep 26, 2011 at 4:28 am

    These pics of models are very original and Refreshing.The only thing that i can suggest is that these models should have tried wearing knee high boots or socks with their dresses in some matching south american jungle colors.

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