Blexbolex’s “People” Book

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Man we’re just loving the illustrations and dichotomies found in French illustrator Blexbolex’s book “People.” Maybe it’s because we’ve always felt we had a strong dichotomy in our own selves and own dreams, but we’re loving the simplistic, retro-feeling drawings that depict divergent groups of folks with a slight commonality. As seen on Brainpickings.org. From Amazon.com:

“Mother and father, dancers and warriors, gardener and farmer, hypnotist and genie…All sorts of people appear in People, linked together in ways that begin to emerge page after page. Real, mythic, and imaginary types inhabit this extraordinary, gorgeously rendered world, referring to each other through form and function. Like Blexbolex’s earlier book “Seasons,” this is a conceptual book, where the connections between the images are both clear and subtle.” Buy it here!

What would your two illustrations be, if someone were to draw what you are and what you wanted to be?

Images: Brainpickings.org
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