4 DIY Projects You Can Do THIS Weekend!

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Is a room or rooms in your house in a sorry, unfinished, uncompleted state? Are you tired of staring at blank walls and missing window treatments? We’ve got four DIY projects that would be easy, fast and totally accomplishable this weekend. Not only that — they all look good together, so you could totally do them all in one room. We’re thinking these would all look pretty rock star in a dining room. Take a day, gather some materials and dive into these affordable and fast DIY projects — all of them are perfect for creating the modern home you want!

DIY: Wire Orb Chandelier Every home needs a showstopping surprise, and this is just the sort of project you can do to give your space a great focal point. Would look hella awesome over a previously focal point-less dining table.

DIY: Wool Blanket Curtain Don’t let your windows go naked! We love this project that is cheap, easy and would look good in a number of different style spaces. Great for guys, too!

Simple DIY: Dipped Legs Perfect for punching up a boring dining furniture set or creating a theme among furniture that doesn’t match.

DIY: Pinwheel Painting Naked walls are the worst and totally make a room look unfinished. Create one giant one of these, two medium size ones or create a composition with a ton of tiny ones.

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