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After wearing my pair of United Nudes almost to a sliver, I have been on the lookout for more interesting shoe finds.  Tea Petrovic’s work caught my eye.
Artist Naum Gabo and architect Santiago Calatrava, are the primary design influences Bosnian designer Tea Petrovic in her shoes creations.  A series of shoe prototypes their forms based on inspiration of nature, space, geometric shapes and mathematical principles.
“My focus was on modeling a shoe as a form with artistic, geometric and mathematical values. A strong stress is on heels, since whole shoe form is based on them; they are like supporting poles, constructive elements which carry the whole creative process.”, says Petrovic.
The linear constructions – is inspired by Naum Gabo  represents the idea of levity, transparency and complex structure.

Architectural shoe – focuses on the architecture of Santiago Calatrava with an accent on detail. These high heels are sculptural figures which dominate and determine the form of a shoe.



Wings/variations – are steered around the tendency for natural, organic shapes, compact forms and distinct sculptural and architectural details.


Though design prototypes,  I am waiting in line for the final product.  They indeed look other worldly and I cannot wait to step into them, or fly way like the Roman god Mercury.

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  1. Maryline

    Sep 16, 2011 at 6:51 am

    The first show looks like it would hurt, but from an architecture point of view it’s beutiful. They all are.

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