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2Modern Lamp Design Contest Winner Announced

Categories: News + Events + Contests

Thanks to all who participated in the 2Modern Lamp Design Contest. The winning lamp is Pacman by Ida Dutka.

Ida Dutka, is a young polish textile and pattern designer, now based in Milan, Italy. For three years she has been working for one of the biggest bed linen companies in Italy, Bassetti, and at the same time she is collaborating as free-lance with textile design studios and several porcelain companies in Europe.

She has also launched her own brand, IDAD, to label the production of shopping bags, cushions, porcelain and other items designed by her. Visit www.idaddesign.com to learn more.

The pattern designed for 2Modern lamp was inspirated by the old Pacman video game which takes her mind to the 80’s when she was a child.

3 Comments to "2Modern Lamp Design Contest Winner Announced"

  1. Congrats! Really cool contest…hope you do more of these!

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