We Like What They Do: Mina Javid

Modern Decor

Mina Javid has a great aesthetic, and we love that she does design work in a number of design fields. She studied architecture, and can be seen applying her lovely style to some pretty stunning, rich, sophisticated and full modern interiors. Next is her furniture work that we enjoy. She seems to take a very full approach to designing interiors, and therefore custom designs in furniture are sometimes necessary and always enjoyed. We love the earthy, natural edges that mix with really sleek, stream-lined edges. Lastly, she also delves into the world of accessories, and looks to have collaborated with Blik to create some really fun wall stickers that honestly had me going for a little bit. We’re loving those table lamp and headboards…perfect for a tight space or someone on a tight budget (though it might be a bit hard to read by one of these lamps, we admit). You can see more great images on her website.

Images: Mina Javid’s website
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  1. Sarah

    Aug 17, 2011 at 6:07 am

    Very stylish, very minimalist. Love the light fixture over the table, and the avocado green chairs. I think the chrome base is called Eiffel!

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