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Bacteria monster by Alimana

Marmit Vinyl Para Babies Alien BADO (from Ultra Seven)



The world of vinyl figures continues to explode and as Martha would say “It’s a good thing” (although I doubt she has a huge collection of Hedorah smog monsters). The creativity is mind blowing and in recent years many artists have taken to sculpting and casting their own figures that is taking this art form to a whole new level. I personally go for the abstract and horrific flavor but there is a little something for everyone. Some are funny and a play on style like the psychedelic ” Sunset Glow Patty Power” designed by Arbito for Super7 and others are outright brutal like “WAR” by Bob Conge at Plaseebo. Check out some of these amazing works of art online at Max Toy Company, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Tenacious Toys, Vinyl Abuse and My plastic Heart.

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