The Wallpaper* 150: Movers and Shakers!

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We got an email earlier today from the folks at Wallpaper*, only one of the coolest print mags out there, saying they had gathered 150 names of influential people and designers who had made their world a better place in the last 15 years, all to coincide with their 15th birthday. First of all, happy 15th birthday! And secondly, heck yeah we want to check out a list of 150 of the coolest movers and shakers out there! Names like Tom Ford, Jonathan Adler, David Beckham, Jamie Oliver and more!

In Wallpaper*’s words: “So here they are, 150 people who have come into all our lives over the last 15 years and made something that matters to us better, more interesting, or more fun. But, in a Wallpaper* first, these aren’t just our choices. Through the wonders of the Twittersphere, we shot a number of our suggestions out there to provoke debate and input into our great name-checking project. And you came back in numbers and with a lot to say. So this list is, we like to think, the collective hip hip hoorays of the big, happy Wallpaper* family.” Check it out here! Congrats to Wallpaper* for being famous for 15 years. Here’s to 15 – 150 more!

Do you agree with who’s on the list? Who’s your favorite? Is there a designer you had wished would be on the list?!

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