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This week we feature the picks of Larry Donnelly. Donnelly is a photographer who started in his teens after acquiring a Polaroid “Swing” camera – he’s been hooked ever since. Donnelly shoots a variety of subjects with an emphasis on nature and landscape photography. He often sees things in the world that others might not, and is a master of capturing the abstractions that he discovers in nature and found materials. To see his collection, visit Larry Donnelly’s Portfolio.

Stop Sign by Robert Strovers
Loved the subject and composition. The splash of color in the middle with your eye drawn to it from the elements of the door.

Lonely Tree in Palouse Wheat Field, Washington by Brad Mitchell
A perfect composition with graphic simplicity that makes it seem almost surreal. I love the Paulose Region and this photograph remains me why.

Hibiscus #1 by Raymond St. Arnaud
Good composition and depth of field to get the flower all in focus. The bright contrast color gives a strong graphic image and love the saturated color.

Lunch Dates (Paris, FR) by Carly Erin O’Neil
Like the title, seems to hint at our loneliness in a crowded world. Neat perspective makes the scene seem to float in a dreamscape. Very effective.

Observer at a Crucifixion by Raymond St. Arnaud
I have a big soft spot for abstracts with strong lines and artists who captured scenes that most people would never see. Excellent composition and colors.

Written by Larry Donnelly. For more information or to purchase photos, visit http://www.printedart.com

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