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This week we feature the picks of Kim Wilson. Wilson specializes in fine art, travel and stock photography, and is a firm believer in living in the moment. “When I shoot,” she says, “I am always in the moment where everything and anything is a possible photographic opportunity.” To see her collection, visit Kim Wilson”s Portfolio.

Lonely Gum Tree by Juergen Berkessel
This landscape from Juergen Berkessel has several layers to it, yet is so simple in texture and form. Despite the lack of detail, you see all the relevant features such as the water, strip of land, the lone tree, the towering mountain and the cloud cover that obscures the tip of it. Continue to look deeper and you see two shades and textures of sand and the reflection of the tree is in both the main body of water and a small sliver of water just under the tree itself. This photographer has thoughtfully chosen exactly just how much and how little they want you to see in this image. And what you don’t see is left to imagination. 


Bike Zoom by Diane Modafferi
I like the sense of motion that Diane Modafferi has created with the bicyclist. It’s almost as if he is traveling in a vortex or time warp that is of his own creation. There is also a juxtaposition between the fast movement and his casual and relaxed demeanor. So, while he is moving at a high velocity, by our perception, for him it is natural. I also love how she captured the shadow off to his left, which creates a greater sense of depth and an additional layer to the photograph.

Graceful Rhythms of Falling Water by Lee Rentz
I love this waterfall from Lee. In general, I’m a sucker for waterfalls and love to photograph them myself. What I like so much about this image is the vertical orientation and how the water falls toward the viewer. The gentle slow movement of the water over the cascading rocks is tranquil and serene. There is a translucency to the water that also evokes a fragility and wistfulness. It’s the kind of image you can peer into for a long period of time. It’s calming and inviting.

Blinds, Number 7 by Raymond St. Arnaud
This image from Raymond St. Arnaud is like pure eye candy. The bright colors and strong vertical texture created by the window blinds just makes you want to look at it. It makes me think of the emotive tones associated with film noir but this version is in vivid color.

Green by Hla Moe
A simple drop of water, the elixir of life. Wonderful macro photography from Hla Moe, capturing a fraction of a second in time. Within the macrocosm of this one drop there is much to see including reflections of light and the ripples it creates in perfect stop motion. As photographers we can go deep into our world or do our best to convey it’s outer beauty. I’m inspired by macro photography such as this as it encourages me to think more about going deeper into a subject.  

Written by Kim Wilson For more information or to purchase photos, visit http://www.printedart.com


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