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We have invited some of our photographers to post their five favorite photos from PrintedArt’s Collection (aside from their own!) and write brief explanations of their choices. This week we feature the picks of Anna McAlister. McAlister is a photographer from Washington who is passionate about baby, children, and family portraits. She also has a knack for capturing quiet yet powerful moments in nature. To see her collection, visit Anna McAlister’s Portfolio.

Rainbow Rain by Kim Wilson

I have long admired Kim Wilson’s work. Her use of vibrant color and composition always draws me inside her images. This particular image is extraordinary. It is so rare to catch a rainbow in all its vivid hues. I really like how the rainbow divides the image as if it is almost two separate images stitched together by the rainbow’s arc.

Paris, La Defense – Butterflies By Night by Raymond St. Arnaud

When I think of this photographer in particular I think vibrant COLOR. This image took my breath away immediately. I am intrigued by the patterns set against a blue purple sky. The use of light in this image is striking as it appears to be illuminated from within and then softly fades into the sky. Very dramatic piece and I appreciate the tight composition and descending circles.

Fluff by Carly Erin O’Neil

This image is so delicate and soft. The hues are a beautiful pink and soft white. The photographer has captured the texture of her subject brilliantly. There is also a gentle movement almost as if the fluff was swaying a bit in the breeze, bending slightly and just about to bounce back.

Zen Moment by Ken Beerger

This image is a very intimate piece that I almost feel like we are peeking in on a connected moment between rider and horse. The tones are very warm and feel soothing. The composition is exquisite as you see the grace and beauty of the horse’s head and the petite almost completely covered rider’s head. I also really liked the contrast between the her black top and the gleaming white of the horse. This image has a very mystical quality by masterfully light and shadow.

El Palcer del Ojo by Sebastian Platero Catena

The most powerful images are ones that speak volumes using body language. I love how both women have their hands on their hips, but seem to convey a different expression. The woman on the right appears to be confident and showing off a well toned body, while the other woman is more covered up and appears to be irritated by something in the distance. The point of view catches the eye as these women appear to be amazons against a blue sky with billowy white clouds. In the foreground you can see hints of ships that look almost ghostly as the light has bleached them out almost completely.

Written by Anna McAlister For more info or to purchase photos, visit here.

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    The link to Rainbow Rain by Kim Wilson appears to be broken. To view or purchase this photo, please visit http://www.printedart.com/node/17306

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