New on 2Modern: Blu Dot, James De Wulf, Emma Gardner, UM Project, Haskell Collection, and more!

Modern Decor

emma at home on 2Modern

Emma Gardner designs beautiful things for the home. Her award-winning collections are infused with her uniquely American and contemporary point of view. Her emma at home line features modern rugs, pillows, artwork and accessories. Rugs like her Knots and Grain Rug or the Russian Box Rug are hand-tufted and Goodweave certified. Her artwork ranges from pieces such as the Matryoshka Three-Quarter Face Giclee to the Fire Island 4 Giclee.


A video preview of what’s new this month at 2Modern. For more 2Modern video, visit our YouTube site.

UM Project Now on 2Modern

Say hello to the playful world of UM Project! Their approach seamlessly bridges the way things are designed and the way they are made, combining cues from industry and craft. The Duo Lamp is both techy and crafty, just like a friendly robot. The U.M.O. 2 is a playful and versatile piece with multiple uses: bench, pouf, side table, etc. The SMPL Table is an ultra-modern table that can be used as an everyday work table, a kitchen or dining table, or a desk.


haskell System Planter
Check out the new Trapa System Planter from haskell! The planter’s modual shape adds unique character and style to your outdoor space.

James De Wulf Now on 2Modern

2Modern is proud to add James De Wulf to our offering! DeWulf has quickly become known for his ability to fuse the most advanced concrete technology with beautiful, modern, and natural forms to create functional art. The Concrete Ping Pong Table is suitable outdoor in any climate and comes with acid stained lines. The Steel Fan Coffee Table is a surprisingly functional coffee table made from sliced steel plate cast into a concrete octagon. The Slat Periodic Coffee Table has an architecturally driven design, and features the periodic table of the elements slightly indented into its surface.


New Blu Dot Rugs

Blu Dot now has rugs! The Cush Rug is made of plush New Zealand wool twisted to create thick, pillowy shag with a cotton canvas backing. For all you eco lovers, the Last Newspaper Rug is made of recycled newspaper woven in cotton. And of course, you’ll need a Rug Pad – which comes in all the sizes that Blu Dot rugs do – in order to keep your fabulous new rugs securely in place.


New Urbancase items on 2Mdoern!

New products from Urbancase on 2Modern. The Edge Sidetable mounts to the wall and looks great next to a bed. The Sidebar featuring a laterally sliding panel revealing adjacent compartments for glassware and liquor storage. The 1.2 Chair is handcrafted side/dining chair made from solid walnut with an aluminum joint.


New Unison items on 2Mdoern!

Argington has made the Bam Collection even better! They have introduced a Bam Bam Crib Complete collection for a one time purchase of the bassinet, crib and toddler conversion kits. They have also devoloped a variety of new fabric designs for their bam bedding which include new Bumpers, Crib Sheets, and Canopy Drapes.


Gus 20% Off Sale

For one month only, July 14 – August 14, Gus* upholstered items are 20% off! The Blake LOFT Chair is a compact chair designed for city living. The Sparrow Glider and Ottoman feature a smooth, quiet rocking motion, and ergonomic proportions for comfortable neck support and arm position. The James Sleeper Lounge has removable back cushions, which allows the James to transform into a single bed for overnight guests.

New Unison items on 2Mdoern!

New Unison bedding, pillows, and table linens on 2Modern. The Dover and Ellison duvets look great with their matching sets. A wonderful selection of Aprons in Larch, Sailor, and Stitch Designs. New Sailor and Regatta bedding with a stripes maritime theme. Lots of other new items from Unison this summer.

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