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We love when all kinds of new and fresh creative ideas collide in interesting spaces, like in the new L.A. retail space of kickin’ brand FREECITY, the brainchild of founder/designer/curator Nina Garduno. Info from the press release:

“During her years in the cutting-edge high fashion world, Garduno always knew that fashion was not meant to be just about the clothes, rather about the individual and experience. Inspired by unconventional lifestyles and free-living environments, Garduno conceptualized FREECITY after a visit to Copenhagen’s Christiania in the mid-90s – a place the locals refer to as the “Free City.” She admired the idea of like-minded people living together to construct an out of box life. Closer to home, she found similar inspiration from places like Marfa, Texas, the Tassajara in the mountains of California and Taos, New Mexico.”

“Through constant inspiration and commune-like energy among collaborators and friends, Garduno has created the experience that is FREECITY. She opened the 3,000 sq. ft. space in Hollywood called the “Hollywood Neighborhood FREECITY Supershop Supermat” in August of last year. It provides an expansive, naturally lit free-standing space for people to peruse hand-crafted items including clothing, books, music and bicycles along with natural wonders like geo rocks, all curated by Garduno and the Freecity workshop.”

Love the ideas and philosophies around this brand. Love that the store will be naturally lit. Love how cool-looking and colorful and hip it is! We love that the the store’s design concepts are based on an old school laundromat. We l0ve that the store used to be a former machine shop in an area of post-production houses for the film industry. And we’re not the only ones! FREECITY’s Supershop Supermat was just named “Best Retail Space” award for Travel+Leisure magazine’s 2011 Design Awards. More here.

Images: Lisa Eisner
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